Thursday, March 3, 2011

Join Me in an Internet revolution for world peace

Help me fight for world peace by visiting my site posting ideas and making donations,this is the internet revolution for world peace ground zero,i believe with your help i can alter america,and bring peace to the world in selfless stewardship of my powers and abilities towards world peace

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Business Tradition One

The business tradition series is something we are developing in the hopes of instilling the best personal business traditions in our employees readers and really anyone who accepts our traditions,these tradition are labeled that way so there easy to remember and you might get in the habit of doing them, I think its a good tradition to awlays maintain a positive enthusiastic professional attitude with the customers if not everyone, thats tradition Number one.

When ever your conducting business I have found that a good tradition may be to check on your business and employees first before you start checking on returning business,this ensures that your priorities are on your business and ensuring your security,that way you can focus on the customer more prepared and professionally when the time comes.A lot of salesman don't do this,they just focus on making that next sale and might forget to look at there operating system or life for that matter,some of the greatest salesman i have met have chemical or addiction issues,i mean it does get worse, so before you go checking that email,check on yourself and your employees make sure everything running in tip top condition,your chances of closing the sale and will dramatically increase due to less stress and more confidence in your preparedness.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Overcome,Keep working Hard,Keep pushing yourself towards excellence

Power Through PrayerNo matter what happens or what anyone says,let it go in one ear and out the other,Keep working hard,keep pushing yourself towards excellence,towards accomplishing your goals,stay positive,always do whats right,and always do your best,never give up,keep following your dreams,its all in your hands,your decisions and what you do decides your fate,let nobody hold you down or make you think otherwise,your the best and your number one, separate yourself from negative people, surround yourself around positive people, but most importantly,keep working harder and harder everyday,making money and being successful,you will win you will be the best you will succeed,let nobody tell you otherwise,forget them all,worry about yourself,the best way you can help others is to help yourself first in being successful,rich and powerful,then you can change the world and the loves of others for the better,never forget where you came from and never lose track of where your going,demolish all negativity,have no mercy when it comes to working harder than others and being a better more successful person,this is all we got and all we can do, and finally, may you always keep god in your heart and always everyday remember what god has done for you and always rely on god for all things.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Entrepreneur Highlight: Meghna Mategaonkar Of

Meghna Mategaonkar Is a true hero, and founder of an arts and textile business based out of India that works to promote womens suffrage and rights.With the plight of womens rights in INDIA her NGO is on the cutting edge of business Philanthropy and Entrepreneurial innovation, The Business Network Is proud to highlight her achievements as it is an inspiration to business people worldwide,Very few businesses embark into the business world with humanitarian causes in mind,Research has found that successful non-profits and NGO'S of this type find high levels of success and affect local communities and policies for the greater good, If you would like excellent authentic Indian arts and textiles as well as contribute to the promortion of womens rights please visit

India (Lonely Planet Country Guide)